Life Ruiners

Feel free to request, but please check to make sure I haven't upload it yet. No download links.


Life and school has been keeping me busy -.-

Help (brightened)

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away (brightened)

I Saw Her Standing There (brightened)

A Hard Day’s Night (brightened)

All You Need Is Love (brightened)

Homeward Bound/Home (brightened)

waitformethistime said: Sweetie, a Blaine song doesn't belong in the Chris tag. Can you please remove it?

Sorry Sweetie, but I’ve tagged it for people who like Klaine.

Everybody Talks (brightened)

Hopelessly Devoted To You (brightened)

Blow Me (One Last Kiss)


Juke Box Hero (brightened)

Anonymous said: No big deal that you haven't posted in a while. Hope everything in your life is all right and you're not too stressed by the insanity

Thank you ^.^ I just feel bad!
Posting some in a bit btw

Anonymous said: Y do u not post anymore?

My life is pretty insane right now…in a good and bad (mostly) way. I just have to go with my priorities right now.

I will post more soon, however I was thinking if anyone else was interested in co-owning this blog with me so everyone would have all their requests up!

If you’re interested, let me know!

Anonymous said: i know you don't always post over the summer but could you post some old season stuff because i love your tumblr so much đŸ˜˜ (sorry i've done this anomolously honey but my tumblr is being all crappy atm)

I’ll be going back and upload all the things I haven’t yet. :)

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